Industries We Serve

The real estate industry is ever evolving with the years and ability to keep up affords a Real Estate Agent a huge competitive advantage. Give potential home buyers an immersive insight into their property options with a virtual tour of each. With the ability to view any space, anywhere, anytime, you give your clients the option to shortlist their preferred properties saving their time and yours!

Our Virtual tours allow potential buyers and lessees to navigate any space up and down on their own and discover every detail of the space. Information points can be placed anywhere in the virtual tour for clients to be informed of any exclusive features you may want to showcase. Having virtual tours on your Real estate site cuts wasted listings and encourages the most qualified clients and serious enquiries to reach out. This also gives your properties exposure to any potential international buyers. If the physical property matches with what a client saw in the tour, chances are they will take the decision or promptly begin the negotiation process.

Photos – get buyers interested
HD videos – evokes emotion in buyers
3D tour – Informs and Qualifies Buyer

Realtors have always used the conventional still images and videos to market properties but research has shown that clients want more! Providing virtual tours makes you the reliable option and will surely attract more people to your website when looking for properties.

We also offer the full marketing package for real estate.

Residential/Commercial Real Estate

Travel & Hospitality

Virtual tours are the ultimate “Try before you buy” solution for your clients
Hotels, Guest Houses, Lodges, B&Bs

One of most important decisions when making travel arrangements would have to be accommodation. In this tech savvy generation, most accommodation research is conducted online thereby necessitating a strong online presence of your accommodation. Did you know, online viewers  are 115% more likely to make a booking after viewing a virtual tour!

With a variety of hotels, guest houses, lodges and B&Bs to choose from, it is essential that potential guests be able to explore what your facilities have to offer. Make a positive long lasting first impression with a captivating virtual tour of your premises. From your different suites to the menus, cleanliness, the activities and other amenities, we will capture it all exactly how you like it.

With almost unlimited options of places to dine, it is essential that your restaurant stands out from the rest. Restaurants can capture their ambience, quality of services they supply, where guests will sit as well as their menus using our customised virtual tours. You are much more likely to get reservations when potential diners know what to expect. How awesome would it be if a prospective guest could Google search “restaurants in Harare” and have your restaurant not only rank on top but go the extra mile with a virtual tour that allows them to walk around and decide on preferred tables.
Does your restaurant host special occasions such as birthdays, corporate events, engagements? With a virtual tour, you allow planners and potential diners to work around an idea for the whole space, making your restaurant a much more pleasant option as opposed to the timely and expensive option of driving from venue to venue searching for the right space.

Your tour will be customised to your needs and will highlight features you are most keen to showcase.

Your branding and logo can also be provided on the tour along with call to action buttons.
Travel and hospitality virtual tours will also be integrated into google street view.

Don’t have a website for your Restaurant or Guest House/B&B/Lodge? No problem. We host your virtual tours on our Virtual263 website as well at a small fee.

Bars & Restaurants

Schools & Universities

Virtual tours are a powerful marketing tool that allows any school or university campus to speak for itself. Many students are not able to visit a school before enrolling and a virtual tour fills this gap.

With Virtual263, schools and campuses can now engage with prospective students and basically show them around their school, giving them a sense of understanding of the culture, activities and unique aspects of the school. Get prospective students excited to be an integral part of your school with a virtual tour

Walk around and explore your construction project remotely with a virtual tour. Remote stakeholders and those on the ground can cut distance as a barrier and collectively make decisions using 3D immersive virtual tours of their construction projects. We can document your residential construction progress at different stages giving prospective buyers and lessees insights into the project with the aim to increase Pre-sales and occupancy rate of your residential project.

  • Project management
  • Construction documentation
  • Project marketing

What we offer for construction:

  • Construction progress in 360
  • Drone footage, internal/external videography

Are you building in Zimbabwe but currently residing out of Zimbabwe? Don’t let distance be a barrier to a well monitored construction project. Ensure you are in the loop on every stage of your construction even remotely with an immersive 3d virtual tour. You will be able to virtually walk around, inspect and monitor every corner of your project at each development stage allowing transparency and more informed decisions between you and your contractor. Our virtual tours will also allow you to pick up any existing or potential errors in good time

Construction (Residential)

Health & Fitness Centres

The Problem:

The biggest issue that fitness centers face is a lack of new membership signups, especially when the weather starts to get nice and people choose the outdoors rather than the gym.

The Goal:

“The goal of every fitness center is to bring new people through the door and convince them to start a membership.”

The Solution:

Get more customers with a 360 Virtual Tour

With people becoming more health conscious than ever, its no surprise health and fitness centres are steadily increasing popularity among the masses.

Did you know, over 60% of clients use the internet when searching for gyms and fitness centres? At virtual263, we boost your business’ internet presence with a Google Virtual Tour thereby increasing your visibility and ranking higher in google searches.

A Virtual263 virtual tour is the ideal way to showcase your retail space or showroom virtually. Allow customers to explore your space and with interactive tags, you also get them to view specific products with any information you need to be included. 

How awesome is that?

Retail Stores & Showrooms


A hospital visit can be very unsettling, worse yet visiting an unfamiliar one. Add the fear of the unknown in this pandemic era and it becomes a recipe for crippling anxiety among prospective patients. With Virtual 263 virtual tours, hospitals can provide a comfortable and inviting familiarisation to new patients as well as returning patients. Medical facilities can showcase features of their facilities, what they offer and why they stand out from the crowd using our customised virtual tours. With the transparency a virtual tour provides for your facilities, prospective patients’ trust and sense of comfort is gained.

Hospitals are not the only medical facilities that can benefit from our virtual tours. We also offer tours of the listed medical facilities:

  • Medical spas
  • Dental clinics
  • Nursing homes